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Responsible play at the online casino!

Gambling at and gambling are so addictive that a player can easily get carried away and become prone to excessive behavior such as debt, bankruptcy, depression and addiction. The ARJEL ruling (in 2010) regarding player protection prompted online casinos to offer a section on responsible gambling.

What exactly is it? How to gamble in a way that doesn't cause addiction? Find out without further ado.

What is responsible gambling?

By definition, responsible gambling is a set of rules designed to limit as much as possible any addiction to real-money casino gambling . In practice, it is a set of rules based on certain policies. In addition, it is strictly controlled by the official observatory and administered by various authorities. Several listening centers have been set up to receive players for free and anonymous.

Responsible gambling has a very specific goal: to protect players from risky behavior. This applies to gambling and money games such as casino games, lotteries, horse and sports betting or scratch tickets.

Here are some practical tips for gambling responsibly.

5 Responsible Gambling Tips.

Here are a few tips you may want to follow while playing:

Always estimate your budget.

One of the secrets of great players is to manage your budgets. Indeed, while playing the game you are forced to bet. This desire grows as the excitement builds. Always stay within your planned budget.

Set a limit.

By setting a limit that you stick to, you will immediately make sure that the game is under control. This is to avoid spending more than expected and/or avoid bankruptcy due to gambling.

Avoid borrowing.

All gamblers have the temptation to go into debt at some point in order to keep gambling. This is a temptation you should by no means give in to, especially since you are not sure you will win and win your bets. In this way you will avoid unnecessary debt.

Play (only) for fun

Who wouldn't dream of hitting the jackpot? The probability is very low, almost 1 in 19 million. So just playing to win is not a good idea. Instead, see these games as simple entertainment that allows you to take your mind off your daily routine and let fate do the rest.

Intermittent Play.

Many players neglect this very important advice: take breaks. These moments allow you to take stock of your budget and time spent playing. You will be able to decide whether you should continue playing and at what pace, or simply stop the game in progress.